Big Zulu To Release His Forthcoming Album Exclusively On Telkom Music

South African rapper, songwriter and actor – Big Zulu, is set to release 10 tracks from his forthcoming album exclusively on newly-launched streaming music app, Telkom Music Powered by JOOX. This new body of work entitled ‘Ichwane Lenyoka’ by the isiZulu-speaking lyricist is expected to drop on Friday, 27 August 2021 and for some time, will only be available for download or streaming on the all-new, exciting music app hailed for data-saving. 

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Big Zulu, whose real name is Siyabonga Nene, explained: “I’m thrilled! For me the synergy is clear: I want to make simple but good music that people can relate to and enjoy without any barriers to access; like Telkom Music Powered by JOOX is also doing with its platform: making access to good music, simple. Accessibility is the DNA of the Big Zulu brand and partnering with a platform that gives my work that kind of access is a match made in heaven.” 

“Telkom is a legacy brand we grew up knowing and JOOX is a streaming platform that’s been big in the live performances space during the initial lockdown. It’s like two worlds of legacy and present-day coming together. If you look at the Big Zulu brand, I’m inspired by the legacy of KZN’s traditional music and Hip Hop is an ever-evolving, dare I say, fresh trend that I’m incorporating into my music. I’m also taking two worlds and making them one.”

Telkom Music Powered by JOOXhas been commended for its approach coming into the music-streaming market, placing data at the center of its offering and eliminating limitations around access to it. The music app is proven to consume the least data of any DPS in the market when listening to music. 

According to data tests done by Software company Bitcube, Telkom Music Powered by JOOX consumes significantly less data than its competitors. The app consumed just 173MB to stream 100 high-quality songs, Apple Music consumed 1001MB, while Spotify consumed 1112MB and Deezer 564MB.

The app, also takes just 10MB of download space in any Android smartphone. Zulusays this is an important factor for him: “It’s the mass market my music appeals to. There’s a huge part of my audience that doesn’t have the most sophisticated phones with memory and storage, for example, so this will be very helpful.” 

The Bergville-born star says fans can expect thoughtful music from his forthcoming album, adding that there are songs that will be great for celebrations as well as incredible features: “I had to tap into my core. Although I’ve moved to Jo’burg I’m still primarily rooted in KZN. I had to take all those inspirations and bring them to life while still staying true to what one would call the Hip Hop art form,” he concluded. 

“Look out for my artists on Nkabi Records and don’t touch the dial, Big Zulu is only getting started!”

Users will be able to listen to the album for free on Telkom Music Powered by JOOXwhen It drops on 27 August 2021, with limited features or get the all-access VIP package for just R59.99 per month.

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