Behind Makhadzi’s Newly Launched Sneaker & Sportswear Range

At an exclusive launch event held on the 09th December 2021 at the Mall of Africa, award-winning artist Makhadzi and African sportswear brand Kicks Sportswear announced their much-anticipated R120 million deal called Kokovha. The Kokovha range and deal is one that tells a story about our African heritage. Kokovha – which means Crawl in Tshivenda – was created to inspire, to reflect the rich history, and the personality of Makhadzi while telling her story through a sneaker range. The range is named Kokovha as it was inspired by Makhadzi’s album titled Kokovha which smashed the streaming platforms and made history in 2020. This album is full of Venda lyricism and melodies which aligns with the story.

This collaboration tells a story of going against all odds to achieve success in a competitive industry, and Makhadzi has proven that against all adversity, anything is possible. You can always get up and kick all the obstacles and break all the chains that are trying to define you, you can change your history. Her story aligns with the brand story of Kicks Sportswear. “This is a dream come true for me, I am so blessed to have been granted this opportunity to be a part of a journey that’s going to change history, I’m telling my people’s story (Ndi khou talutshedza tshitori vhathu vha hashu),” Makhadzi 

The Kokovha sneaker range is inspired by the Venda cultural cloth. The sneakers come in six different colours. It is a range that expresses culture and heritage while still being able to pull off the sporty look, be trendy and comfortable. This proves that when sports meet music and culture meets business, history can be re-written. “The Kicks Kokovha range was a no-brainer. We wanted something that truly represents our African heritage. We wanted a brand that represents us and partners with an artist who stands and lives that narrative. Makhadzi has been part and parcel of the creative process and business process in launching this. Kokovha is a deal in history and I’m proud to have partnered with her to make this happen,” Sammy Mhaule, Founder of Kicks Sportswear.

The Kokovha range is now available for pre-order on the Kicks Sportswear website:

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