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Basslive Live, leaders in the South African music and entertainment world for 24 years, present the artists represented by Bassline Artist Management  a management and booking agency of hand-picked artists that represent the brands core values of originality and quality.

Over the years, Bassline has witnessed thousands of artists perform on its stages in both the Bassline former venues, as well as their current concert and festivals brands.  This lifetime of experience has resulted in a cultivation of impeccable taste and attention to detail when it comes to selecting top artists in their genres.

It is with great excitement that Bassline Artist Management present the four artists that are available for bookings with immediate effect.

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Since 2013, Nakhane has gone from being an artist to look out for, to one of the hottest tickets in town.  Not only a remarkably brave and honest songwriter and musician, this young star has taken SA by storm by publishing a novel (Piggy Boys Blues), and by acting in the lead role in an internationally lauded movie (The Wound).  His album Brave Confusion and more recently, the Clairvoyant EP have both seem him lay bare his feelings and refuse to look away from societal issues.  

Apart from having an impeccable fashion taste and an aesthetically on-point approach to his craftsmanship, this artist has effortlessly picked up awards in every category of the arts that hes embraced.

Nakhane is a humble, hard-working and fiercely relevant artist in South Africa right now.  His new album You Will Not Die is due for release in March 2018.

Bassline Booking territories: Africa


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Twitter –  @nakhaneofficial

Instagram –  @nakhaneofficial
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Vusi Mahlasela

Known as The Voice by his fans all over the world, Vusi Mahlasela is indeed a national South African treasure and one of the hardest working touring artists of our time. His work was an inspiration to many in the anti-apartheid movement as his themes usually include the struggle for freedom, and forgiveness and reconciliation with enemies.  

Vusi has released seven studio albums in South Africa and is signed to Dave Matthews’ ATO Records since 2003, and has formed a firm friendship with Dave Matthews which continues to see them tour together annually as recently as several dates in the USA in 2016.

With seven albums under his belt, his song-writing has been so prolific and made such a strong impact on all that have heard it that in 2012, the SAMA Awards honoured him with a lifetime achievement award.  

Vusi brings crowds to life, making them dance, cry and sing in unity.  He is a true living legend.

Bassline Booking territories: Africa & Europe


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Twitter – @vusimahlasela

Instagram – @vusi_mahlasela

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Nduduzo Makhathini

Nduduzo Makhathini is one of the key torchbearers in the schooled world of jazz music in South Africa.  At 34, he has a decidedly spiritual vision of his world with the piano and an absolute clarity in which he focuses his musical attention.  It is this quality that has earned him high praise and respect from some of his older peers in the jazz world, resulting in extensive touring with titans such as Zim Ngqawana, Busi Mhlongo, Feya Faku, Carlo Mombelli and many others. He has a profound respect for South African history and finds inspiration from his roots.  Beyond his proven prowess as a brilliant pianist, Makhathini is also an astute producer with a sharp ear for harnessing creativity from others.  This accounts for his award-winning pedigree and he has walked away with several high ranking accolades in his musical journey.

Despite his prolific career as a pianist, producer and jazz band leader, Nduduzo is also an educator, being the head of the music department at Fort Hare University in the Eastern Cape.  As an award-winning player, Makhathini is ever in demands as a headline act on the international jazz festival circuit. He recently headlined National Arts Festival, Standard Bank Joy of Jazz, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Essence Festival both in New Orleans and South Africa and the International Jazz Extravaganza in Durban.

2015 saw him win the SA Music AWARD for Best Jazz album and the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award.  He has produced for a number of notable award winning and nominated artists.  So far, Makhathini has released seven albums as a band leader.  Nduduzo recently took home the much-coveted Best African Jazz Album at the AFRIMAs (All Africa Music Awards) for his album Reflections.

Bassline Booking territories: The World


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Instagram – @nduduzomakhathini

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Azah is known as one of the finest South African percussionists of our generation and for good reason.  Born onto a family of traditional healers, he began playing drums in his Sangoma family at the age of 8, and formed a decidedly passionate bond with drums and percussion as not only healing instruments but also as a way of exposing him to the world.

Azah pursued musical training at the Musical Theatre of the Tshwane University of Technology and this gave him the traveling future he had dreamed of, seeing him perform across Europe and South America with Gregory Magomas Vuyani Dance Theatre productions Ketima and Beautiful Us.  He then joined Dr Philip Tabanes famous band Molombo a moment he cites as one of the proudest of his life.  He then formed Azah, the 8-piece band which continued to grow his musical diversity by exploring genres such as high life, soukous, jazz, Afro-soul, Afro beat and indigenous folk sounds.  

In 2010 he founded a multi-disciplinary socio-cultural movement with the aim of fostering Pan African artistic unity.  The movement has attracted a multi-national membership of musicians, poets, writers, painters, visual artists, photographers and so forth.

His debut album Batswadi involves musicians from across the continent and brings to the fore common histories, cultures, struggles and spiritual traditions.  He went on to receive a SATMA Award for Best African Jazz Album.  Azah has lent his talents to some of the best-selling Afro pop albums, more notably Thandiswa Mazwais Ibokwe and Simphiwe Danas Kulture Noir.  He also continues to be booked out for musical and theatre shows across the country.

Bassline Booking territories: The World


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Instagram – @givenazah.mphago

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