BABOR Skinovage Says It’s The Year for More

With the New Year freshly in our midst, skincare remains a priority. We’re encouraged to ask and aim for MORE! More confidence, more boldness, more courage and more fun.

Why BABOR you may ask? We have mastered the art of precision for maximum skin compatibility. We continue to set the standard in skincare research to ensure that each product gives you more of what you are looking for. Let this new year bring about new beginnings for your skin with the BABOR Skinovage range which is the perfect tool to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin. The range utilises the peculiar power of active ingredients to revitalise stressed and exhausted skin which supports all its regenerative and cell renewal processes, all the love that our skin deserves!

Not only do we pride ourselves in precision formulas for maximum results, but we also maximise the beauty of the skin with various products for daily skin care. The range contains EpingenTech Power Peptide, which pauses the process of ageing by regulating epidermal moisture levels to stimulate skin renewal as well as cellular metabolism, keeping skin looking younger and more active for longer.


So, fewer frown lines and more laughs and smiles!


The BABOR Skinovage range is proof that the clock of ageing can be slowed down while reducing bags, dark rings and instantly minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Say hello to a younger looking and more exquisite you!


We introduce to you the ideal skincare range that reboots the skin’s youthfulness factor, providing solutions for specific skin conditions and skin types. What is your number one skin care concern? Let us help you!


Make 2019 the year for MORE and go for the brand that gives you 100%. Be more beautiful, be bold, never ask for anything less than precision with BABOR!


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Facebook: baborZA

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