Aymos New Single “Ababuyanga” Ft Major League Djz & Josiah De Disciple

Tembisa-born amapiano vocalist Aymos dropped his third single, “Ababuyanga” from his forthcoming album ‘Yimi Lo’. The singer ropes in yanos royalty Major League DJz and Josiah De Disciple to capture the essence of young party-goers who dance the night away while their parents worry about them at home. “Growing up, we knew if you’re not home when “Isidingo” starts you’re in big trouble. But, young people love a good time and find it hard to let go of the fun. The song is a perfect fit for anyone who lives the culture of amapiano; dancing, creating memories with friends and getting lost in the music so much that you don’t want to go home,” says Aymos. 

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Stream or download “Ababuyanga” here: http://platoon.lnk.to/ababuyanga

Released on the back of his Tsonga love song, “Risasekile”, Aymos continues to show his versatility through playfulness and lyrical dexterity. In “Ababuyanga”, which means “they didn’t come back” the lyrics depict young people on the groovist frontier, way past “the need”, in the thick of noise louder than the one they’ll meet at home. Coupled with groove-filled percussion and warm baselines “Ababuyanga” is sure to be a favourite among this generation of nightlife fiends.

Make sure to connect with Aymos online as he embarks on a solo project championing a unique “Afro-Yano” sound in his debut album, Yimi Lo (“This Is Who I Am”) out on 3 September 2021.

Connect with Aymos:

Facebook: @AymosRawsoul

Twitter: @aymos_shili

Instagram: @aymos_shili

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