Ashler Is Back With Her Latest Offering Titled Full Bloom

Ashler full name Mathulare Ashler Mathikge is a singer-songwriter from Soweto, sprouting from a tight-knit musical family Ashler has been recording music since the age of 15 as a treasured member of Soweto based record label solid beat productions by 16. Stamping her voice in history. 

Her lasts offering full bloom (8 track dance album set) which is released independently through 8020 music under an exclusive license to CCA and she is about to take the industry by storm with her sultry vocals and her whimsical lyrics. 

“Music is my 1st love”. I’m looking forward to people discovering my work, it hasn’t been easy juggling farming and making an album, I’m a multi-passionate and I take it on with pride. My music style is house meets urban. Music is art for me and what a time to be an African artist. Full bloom represents an era of completion in my life, it also embodies all the years of working in the music industry and finally completing a body of work I’m really proud of. All my influence from childhood to the latest ama-piano craze it’s all there. The album is full of nostalgic love songs and motivational dance records that I hope will inspire others to keep believing in their dreams.

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