Artist & Producer NOTBENJAMIN Releases His New Single Tarzan

Multi-talented artist and producer who is on the verge of pushing limits and breaking boundaries in the South African music scene, NOTBENJAMIN, drops his new single titled “Tarzan” that is now available on all digital platforms. His love and interest in music started at an early age and with so much exposure to the industry, he got the opportunity to produce, compose, and engineers music for many young upcoming Hip-Hop, RnB & Pop acts along his musical journey.

The single “Tarzan” paints a picture of the concrete jungle that we’re all inhabiting and the struggles which each of us endures reaching our own versions of success. BELO SALO’s infectious vocal abilities and striking pen game allow for us as the audience to really understand, feel & relate to his message of consistency, endurance, and hard work. The producer collaboration between NOTBENJAMIN, Master A Flat, Herc Cut The Lights & Kindlynxsh, all from different realms of music, brings together a sonically reinforced composition to accompany the versatility and range in BELO SALO’s vocals. “If there’s one key message we can take from the song, it would be to remind ourselves to fight for what we deserve, or as BELO SALO says, “Trust me, I’m ready to rumble”.- Share’s NOTBENJAMIN

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