Apple Music Celebrates Love In All Its Forms This Valentine’s Day

Some of Mzansi’s most emotive voices are taking over Apple Music’s flagship playlists this Valentine’s Day to share songs that are infinitely special to them, and that helped shape intimate moments in their lives. Solo & DineoLloyisoLanga MavusoXenia ManassehDemi Lee Moore, and Craig Lucas are the seven figures who will take over Love Letters, Tearjerkers, Mzansi Soul, Mood., Keep It Country and Queer Love respectively. All of these playlists takeovers are designed to uplift, help you unwind, and assist you in connecting with emotions that you might not have had the bandwidth to feel otherwise. 

“Dineo and I have been together for 11 years now. This playlist is a reflection of our many wonderful years together.” – Solo 

“These are a literal depiction of my state of mind when it comes to love. If I could put every song on my Apple Music here I would, because guaranteed every song is attached to love and passion there’s always a story behind the words and composition. This catalogue is inspired by the unpredictable seasons of love, sometimes it’s healthy sometimes it’s not and that’s the beauty of it all.” – Lloyiso 

Love is a beautiful thing, so let’s revel in all its glory. At your best you are love, so share it with me. – Langa Mavuso 

“My inspiration for this playlist is love in all its forms. I wanted to pick songs that are relevant to my journey. Most of these songs helped to shape the artist that I am now and the rest are new favourites. I hope it takes the listener through a journey of all the possible emotions that come up during the month of love.” – Xenia Manasseh

“Country laat my altyd iets voel. As jy lief is vir iemand raak jy meer lief as jy ‘n goeie liedjie luister. Selfde as jy hartseer is. Dit vertel n storie. Mens kan so vereenselwig en hierdie liedjies het almal my al iets laat voel op ‘n tyd in my lewe.” – Demi Lee Moore 

“This playlist follows the trajectory of my first ever gay relationship. I’m sure many queer people can relate, and who better to tell that story than other incredible LGBTQIA+ artists? We were both in the closet when we started dating. It was scary letting myself fall in love. It felt forbidden, but that also made it all the more exciting and visceral. Eventually we both came out, and I got to know myself as a queer person with my first love and best friend by my side. Getting to fully be myself and having someone in my corner who loved me unconditionally every step of the way was pure ecstasy. The relationship lasted for three years, and things got pretty bad toward the end. It was my first ever break up and it felt like the end of the world for a bit, but I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. The day I wrote ‘Happy’ was the day I was able to finally put aside the hurt and appreciate that boy for the revolution he caused in me.” – Craig Lucas 

Listen to these Valentine’s Day takeover playlists below.

Solo & Dineo – 

Lloyiso – 

Langa Mavuso –  

Xenia Manasseh –  

Demi Lee Moore –  

Craig Lucas – 

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