Andrew Kayser “At Home After Dark” Solo Exhibition | 20 July 2017


Kalashnikovv Gallery is pleased to invite you to Andrew Kayser’s solo exhibition:

“At Home, After Dark”. – A selection of new paintings and works on paper.

In Kayser’s second solo exhibition with Kalashnikovv Gallery, he explores the basis of meaning and how we prescribe its function through the language of art in our current society. In a world where we confine meaning – through myths,history, fiction and religion Kayser explores a sense of stability and order.

This most recent body of work invites us into a space that emphasizes the fleeting, intangible nature of meaning.Through the use of peculiar juxtapositions, veiled archetypes,subjective stereotypes and expansive metaphors, the viewer is solicited to construct their own narrative.

‘At Home, After Dark’ offers a look into Andrew’s dark and complex take on the world: where moments are ambiguous, and nothing is absolute

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