Ananya Set For The Global Stage With Single #MarbleEyes

20-year-old singer, songwriter, and fashion student, Ananya, is set for the global stage with her new single, Marble Eyes. From capturing the attention of DJs in New York City to holding the number one spot on radio in Zimbabwe, Ananya’s Marble Eyes takes listeners on a nostalgic journey of a whirlwind romance.

“I’m so happy to finally be able to share Marble Eyes with everyone. I wrote this song on an old receipt at my favourite restaurant and it’s been an exciting journey witnessing how the song has come to life,” shares Ananya.

Marble Eyes is available to stream and download on digital stores globally.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Ananya is a Fashion Design student at Parsons in New York City and believes that fashion and music influence each other.

“Fashion is used as a form of expression, a security blanket and even as a tool to create a loud and memorable visual. Music speaks to us in a different way. It helps in dealing with emotion and is there for us whenever we need. Studying fashion design and creating music continues to teach me more about the connection between the two. Using fashion to support my music and my message is a great way in integrating them,” expresses Ananya.

Currently at home in Zimbabwe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ananya’s Marble Eyes is being released in the SADC region with South Africa as a key focus.

“I have great memories of South Africa. My fondest memory was attending the FIFA World Cup final in 2010 and screeching with excitement when the late former president, Mr Nelson Mandela, came onto the field waving. I look forward to visiting South Africa again once the pandemic is over,” reveals Ananya.

Connect with Ananya on social media to stay updated with her music news and make sure to listen out for Marble Eyes on your favourite radio stations and TV channels.

Connect with Ananya:

Facebook: @ananyamakesmusic

Twitter: @ananyaworldwide

Instagram: @ananyamakesmusic

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