Aluta Humbane “Walking in the footsteps of the great”

In the words of peaceful resistant leader Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Aluta Humbane, has selflessly devoted most of his life and experience mentoring youth from all parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal In his attempt to impart all the knowledge he has acquired in a 16 year career on the arts and media world.

Through the non-profit organisation he founded, “Injongo Movement” which uses performing arts to create advocates for positive change, has through the years seen many of these youth becoming valuable performers, activists and leaders in the entertainment industry. ‘It sadness me to see so much poverty amongst the youth, especially those who work so hard, and those whom are so talented see their talents go to waste. In the townships there is this culture that when you are well off, leave to settle in the suburbs, this leaving the townships with no role models or people to look up too, and engage on the processes of changing the economic conditions of the townships with those behind. that is why I have also foundered “Aluta Humbane Productions “and “Paradigm shift PR and Management” companies in Inanda, Emachobeni, because from the NGO I am able then to employ some of these youth to assist in atleast getting a loaf of bread, meanwhile, also training them to be citizens whom can advocate a positive change in society and add value to their surroundings. Leaders are made. And through mentoring’.

He may not be wealthy in the bank balance, however through the lives he has touched, always preaches that these artists must emulate the same act as gratitude, because only in that way would our surroundings change, not only for a few, but for everyone. Trees planted in his honour humbles him because he believes those trees will one day be shelter on which his philosophy will be shared.

‘I am a leaders because there are followers, my existence is in correlation to those that seek wisdom in me’ If one does not inspire, we are then creating a society that has a grey cloud hanging above them’

We all have a role to play, what is yours?

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