All About #EgetWhy Artist, Writer and Performer LekkiHood Finest

Isaiah Okere popularly known by his stage name LekkiHood Finest (LHF) is a Nigerian Born Artist, Song Writer and Performer. Born June 24, 1982, he is the third amongst his siblings and hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Imo State. He studied Sociology and anthropology at the Obafemi Awolowo University ILE IFE.

After completing University, he decided to pursue music professionally as a career. He recorded numerous songs and shot many videos he has gained cloud in Nigeria as a solo artist. He is highly respected in his community well known as the Walking ATM

LHF has also collaborated with artists many artists some familiar names include Davido, Scooby Nero, General Pype and Vector TheViper, Del b, Reagan beat and North Boi.

He later relocated to South Africa, where he floated his own label called BLACK CONGLOMERATE and proceeded to collaborate with the likes of Ricky Rick and lots of other South African based artists.

LHF is looking to expand his fan base in South Africa by bridging the gap between Nigeria and SA. Breaking all stereotypes down.

LHF is highly motivated by his family he has been able to Merge Fatherhood with his Music Career and has been really successful at it, though there have been times when the Music Journey and also the Life of Fatherhood have not been really easy to but he has persevered firmly believing that the end justified it all.

His brand new single “E GET WHY” is already catching heat on social media, good airplay on radio stations across Nigeria and South Africa.

The video officially premiered on His YouTube channel on the 13th February 2020.


INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: @lekkihoodfinest


STREAM: E Get Why !! OUT NOW on ALL music platforms

Audio link:

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