All About Deep Conditioning And Hair Masque

The big question between many hair naturalists is “what can I do to make my coils be on fleek?”. Once the decision has been made it is hard to know what use to achieve your desired look. A place to start would be knowing the difference between a deep conditioner and a mask and how to use them and their benefits. Below are some of the major different benefits between the two

What they are used for?

A deep conditioner would be good to use when one is looking for their hair to be soft. Whereas when you are looking to strengthen the hair you would use a hair mask. So when your hair is very dry and cannot retain moisture the best thing to do would be to use a deep moisturizer. Usually, you have to wash your hair with an appointed shampoo, for instance, a good deep conditioner would be the ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner and a good Mask would be ORS Hair Mayonnaise or Vatika Afro Naturals Masque

ORS Hair Mayonnaise
ORS Hair Mayonnaise

ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner
ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner

Vatika Afro Naturals Masque
Vatika Afro Naturals Masque

How they are used?

The struggle arises in this regard when hair naturalists try to make it seem there is a template for hair routines. When it comes to using a hair masque and or a deep conditioners the best way to use them is by allowing your hair to be the guide on timeline and usage. However, it is advisable to use a masque and the deep conditioner interchangeably. A good tip after using one or the other is to condition the hair further and one can make use of the Long & Lasting Leave-in Conditioner to continue the work even after.

Long & Lasting Leave-In Conditioner
Long & Lasting Leave in Conditioner

How long we owe to leave them in for?

There is always of opinion when it comes to how long one has to let their hair be conditioned for and or masque for. This is yet another example of to let your hair work as a guide for how long you can let it. For instance, deep conditioner and masque would require one to either wear a plastic cap and sit under a warm hairdryer depending on your choice of technique and then some require you to apply and just remove even in ten minutes. Having said all the above it is a choice that is personal and satisfying to one.

Hair Clock

The Ingredients found in a Deep Conditioner and Hair Masque
When making a deep conditioner many companies have no option but to put chemicals and sulphates in their products. However, when it comes to masques many companies would rather pack their product with healthy essential stuff.

For instance, a good example would be ORS Curls Unleashed Intense Hair Conditioner. A masque usually has ingredients such as argan oil, castor oil, Moroccan oil, honey and shea butter.

ORS Intense Hair Conditioner
ORS Curls Unleashed Intense Hair Conditioner

To conclude many may prefer conditioning than masking their hair. But all in all, they work in conjunction and can give you good results if used properly and in accordance with your hair needs and requirements

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