Alek Blak’s Debut EP “Moments” Inspires Living Boldly

After teasing the release of his debut EP in mid-January, Butterworth-born singer-songwriter Alek Blak has officially welcomed us into the world of Moments. This carefully curated collection of tracks is not only a testament to his talent, but it’s also a reflection of his journey and the revelations he has experienced along the way.

The EP aims to journey listeners to find replenishment and inspiration to live boldly in the music and encourage them to embrace and lean into each moment of joy, step out of doubt, and bring out their true selves to their paths without fear or self-loathing.

His growth as a self-taught musician (who began writing his songs at 13) has seen him pursue music intentionally while ambitiously chasing a career in the Media. This EP marks the beginning of a new season for Alek as he steps into a new phase of his artistic career… which he has been patiently waiting to share with the world. “I’m so excited to finally be able to share this body of work which I believe carries a powerful message,” Alek says. “It’s been a tumultuous couple of years, and I hope the music brings a sense of newness and replenishment for this new season we’re all stepping into”.

Connect with Alek Blak on:

Instagram @Alekblak

Facebook: OfficialAlekBlak

Twitter: @AlekBlak  

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