Access Licensed Music With YouTube Creator Music

Last month, YouTube introduced the next chapter in rewarding creativity on the platform. At its inaugural Made on YouTube event, YouTube shared that it’s expanding the platform’s monetization system, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), to allow more creators to join the program, introducing new ways for creators to earn revenue through Shorts, and re-imagining the music industry and creator dynamic by opening up ads monetization for those who feature music in their videos.

The launch of YouTube Creator Music

YouTube launched Creator Music as a new destination to create a bridge between the music industry and creators. Creator Music offers creators simple access to a constantly expanding catalog of music for use in their videos and offers musicians and music rights holders a new revenue stream for their music on YouTube. The full potential for monetization is now available to creators with the purchase of reasonable, high-quality music licenses; they will continue to receive the same revenue share as on videos without music. Creators will also be allowed to use songs and split profits with the track’s artist and other related rights holders if they don’t want to purchase a license upfront. In 2023, Creator Music will launch in additional nations after completing its beta phase in the United States.

“Creator Music is the future. We’re building the bridge between artists and creators on YouTube to elevate the soundtrack of the creator economy; it’s a win-win-win for artists, songwriters, creators, and fans. With Creator Music, artists have a new way to get their music out into the world; fans can now discover music they love on their favorite creator’s channels, and both creators and artists will have new revenue opportunities”, said Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s Global Head of Music.

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