ABSA Reveals New Campaign Highlighting Brand Promise “We Do More So You Can”

Absa Retail and Business Banking has unveiled their latest campaign centered on their promise “We Do More So You Can“. The campaign seeks to reinforce the idea that consumers are familiar with namely,  “Africanacity” and imbue it with more meaning. Africanacity is a term that was coined by Absa, referring to the uniquely African ability to always find a way to get things done.

“We Do More So You Can” is the campaign message and the tactic Absa is using to drive the campaign is  “I CAN”  taken from the word “Africanacity”, a simple and explicit expression of the can-do spirit (Africanacity). The campaign message “We Do More So You Can” is demonstrated in relatable everyday scenarios where Absa positions its products and services as evidence of how they bring possibilities to life.

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