Le’Afrinique, pronounced “Leh-Aa-Frii-Neek” meaning (don’t look it up… lol) “Uniquely African”, is a culture news platform originating from South Africa. With the tagline “plugging the world with the coolest in Music, Art & Urban Culture” we aim to serve in that manner by covering relevant and informative content.

Established first as an African fashion blog in the early 2010s by the Founding Editor, we have gone through its fair changes in search of our true identity. In 2017, we officially launched and introduced ourselves to the currently 100k+ readers as a lifestyle blog focusing on a whole lot of news content. As we stepped into the 2020s, a force of change emerged once again however this time with a lot more thought in the interests of our readers. The standard blog format changed as well as the look and feel – WE WENT CORAL – well not entirely as our consistent colours have always been white and black, however, we have moved from the splash of yellow to the current coral which represents us as “a unique identity which is inclusive and revitalizing”. You will see a lot of the direct branding on our Instagram page.

With this shift, content became a lot more focused on what the readers reacted to most which is news in Music, Art & Urban Culture.

In Music, Le’Afrinique keeps the reader updated with the latest music releases, collaborations, and other news concerning their favourite musicians in an array of genres from mainstream and underground. Within this, you can also find curated music playlists on SoundCloud & Spotify that make sure the audience doesn’t miss the tunes they will love (outside the news). #LAChats is one of our popular sections on the platform. This is where we host our monthly interviews with musicians. Here the reader gets to understand some of the thought processes behind these favourite tunes and where the musicians’ headspace was as they were creating these tunes. #LAEvents is the section that keeps our readers’ updated with entertaining events in Music & Art. In Art, the same applies to Music but the updates are more on what artists (all disciplines from fine art, graphic design, fashion, dance, etc.) are up to. In Urban Culture, our readers get to explore content topics such as Film, TV & Video, Lifestyle, Social Good, Tech & Digital, Food & Bev, Lifestyle, Entertainment & Events, Fashion & Beauty as well as Travel & Space. Here, the news may not be a direct focus on Music & Art but there’s an interlink through musicians, artists or brands in that sector.

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