A South African Lockdown Story For The Win: Focalistic’s Ke Star Goes GOLD

A South African lockdown story for the win: Pitori Maradona, Focalistic’s, Ke Star single featuring Vigro Deep has achieved GOLD selling status in just three months. Over the past few months the rising music star achieved notable milestones with his two EP drops released through Vth Season and to reach GOLD selling status in just 3 months is no small feature for any artist, yet alone to obtain this under lockdown where traditional means of promoting a song were obsolete, speaks volumes of the success of this milestone.

“This is my first plague and I’m giving it to my mom. I never picked up my university degree certificate and she stressed me about that. I’m glad that I get to give this to her,” shares Focalistic.

The Pitori Maradona adds: “I’m so glad everyone liked the music even though it’s a tough time with the coronavirus. I’m so grateful. Here’s to going Platinum and Diamond!”

“It’s always a pride and joy to see a vision come true. We’ve found a winning formula with our partnership with Focalistic and his label, 18 Area, and look forward to more milestones,” reveals Raphael Benza of Vth Season.  

Inspired by the lockdown to create two EPs, Quarantined Tarantino and Blecke, Focalistic’s creativity has paid off. Connect with the Pitori Maradona and @VthSeason on social media for more music news and milestones.  

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