A Revolutionary Partnership Between FIVE Hotels And Warner Music Group

The music industry is bracing for a seismic shift as FIVE Hotels and Resorts, the groundbreaking luxury brand, joins forces with the legendary Warner Music Group to revolutionize their record label, FIVE Music.

This progressive partnership not only taps into Warner Music Group’s extensive network of chart-topping talent worldwide but also propels FIVE’s visionary musically-driven events and trendsetting prowess to the forefront of the global music scene.

To kick off this momentous collaboration, FIVE Music hosted a thrilling Music Writing Camp from April 28th, 2023, to May 14th, 2023, at FIVE Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The event featured acclaimed artists like Robin Schulz, Space Motion, Franky Wah, Alle Farben, and renowned songwriters such as KIDDO, Bully Songs, Gez O’Connell, and many more. Together, they will shape the ‘Sound of FIVE,’ captivating a new generation of fans on a worldwide stage. The camp is made possible through the collaboration of FIVE Music, Warner Music Central Europe, Dabruck Creative (DC), and Warner Chappell Music, FIVE Music’s exclusive music publishing partner.

Building on this momentous occasion, FIVE took its commitment to music to new heights by establishing a state-of-the-art FIVE Music Studio at the renowned FIVE Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. This cutting-edge facility will serve as a creative hub where producers, musicians, and songwriters from around the globe can collaborate to transform their musical dreams into reality.

Fabian Drebes and Doreen Schimk, Co-Presidents of Warner Music Central Europe, expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with FIVE Music and provide our artists and songwriters with an exceptional and inspiring space to perform, write, and produce music. With the combined forces of FIVE Music, Dabruck Creative (DC), and Warner Chappell Music, we are confident that we have forged an alliance with a significant impact on the international music scene.”

Aloki Batra, CEO of FIVE Hospitality, highlights the rationale behind this groundbreaking joint venture, saying, “FIVE’s core philosophy revolves around creating top-tier entertainment destinations that resonate with our unique ‘Vibe at FIVE,’ attracting music enthusiasts from around the world. It was a natural progression for us to align ourselves with the global musical powerhouse, Warner Music Group, as we expand our signature label, FIVE Music.”

Kabir Mulchandani, Chairman and Founder of FIVE, encapsulates the excitement surrounding this collaboration, stating, “Music is ingrained in FIVE’s DNA, from beachside to rooftop. We are thrilled to continue cultivating this division of our ever-evolving portfolio, nurturing it alongside such an esteemed and long-standing hit maker in the music industry.”

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