“A Million Chances” EP By BOKKIEULT Conveys A Powerful Message

A Million Chances is a 3 track EP by BOKKIEULT. The story behind this ep is to motivate and encourage people during these difficult times, to never stop trying their best, and to know that there are so many opportunities out there for you not to keep trying.  “It is very tough to see the light in times of darkness but by staying positive, appreciating those who love you, and never throwing the towel, you will eventually see the light”, says BOKKIEULT.

BOKKIEULT has worked on this masterpiece for a year, he started working on it during lockdown level 5. He said he needed something positive to work on as he was going through some difficult times. Working on this ep was one of the lights and something that kept him positive and ongoing. During lockdown level two, BOKKIEULT decided to collaborate with one of the most talented artists not just in the South African music industry but also in Namibia. The whole idea was to give this ep a strong impact and to allow others to share their story too. BOKKIEULT has worked with some industry key players, such as Cuebur, Karyendasoul, Kimosabe, Sam-e lee jones, Nkulee, and Money Ostrich.

Every song in this EP has its own meaning starting with High Enough, which he collaborated with Kimosabe and Sam-e lee jones. The song talks about someone who can never get enough of the high  they derive from someone they love and that high also being something that drives them and keeps them going.

The second song Love Again which he collaborated with Karyendasoul and Money Ostrich, talks about a person who’ve been long finding love but never gave up. Thought it was something that will never come but finally they finally found love and made them feel alive again. The last song titled Vuka which he collaborated with Cuebur and Nkulee talks about even when you feel like things are not working out for you, just pray to God and your Ancestors and all your needs shall be granted when your time has come. The universe always communicates even in our dreams for such messages that all will be well, we ought to listen and do accordingly, so we say “Vuka” in a sense where we should always have communicated with our Forefathers/Ancestors and pray to the All Mighty because things cannot happen magically so you have to “Vuka and claim it”. On the 18th of June 8, 2021 BOKKIEULT will be dropping his EP on all digital platforms. For more information on BOKKIEULT and what’s to come, visit https://bokkieult.co.za

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