A Home For Craft Gins Opens In Soweto #TheGinGallerySoweto

Is there such a thing as too much gin? Apparently not: It’s a glorious time to be a gin lover. in its original form, gin is a little bitter, but add a little bit of fruity or floral flavour, and suddenly the market is thirsty for it – as the numbers prove. The evolution of craft distilling has helped perpetuate an onslaught of new gins that come in a myriad of flavours by employing out-of-the-box botanicals to stand out. This is to the delight of enthusiasts and especially mixologists who have unlimited options with which to craft their own masterpiece drinks.

The Gin Gallery Soweto is a Gin Bar on 88 Vilakazi Street which will be the home for craft gins and London Dry Gins from all over the world, where people from all works of life will be able to interact intimately with these gins, opens this February. 

Inspired by the Soweto Gin Festival  this concept was born by two friends Linda Maseko and Zabalaza Mchunu, who had become brothers and business partners. The first installation of the festival was in 2017 at Icon Soweto where they had turn up of about 1000 people. They knew then that as boys from the Township, who had experience in events, they must be the pioneers to bring urban concepts to the Township. In 2018 they hosted a Comedy Gin Weekend and the 2nd annual Soweto Gin Festival which attracted over 3000 people and 20 London dry and craft Gin brands. 

The Gin Gallery Soweto was then made possible when they met a Town planner Thabang Sithole who has a property on Vilakazi Street with three shops,  a cigar shop, clothing boutique and a gift shop. The Gin Gallery Soweto was the perfect fit to anchor the first phase of that development plan of transforming the property into a space where people can shop, play, work and relax.

The property will be transformed into a new part of the bustling Vilakazi Street with the Gin Gallery Soweto to be the first phase, then a 4-star hotel, conference facility, the first food market on the street, a rooftop event and lounge space and a distillery of Gin that will belong to Soweto and teach young people in Soweto how to make Gin.

Vilakazi Street holds the rich history of our South African Leaders who paved the way for young black men like themselves to be able to occupy such spaces and develop them in carving their own story and legacy. 

As temperatures rise, so does the need for an icy drink to beat the heat and stay refreshed.  Once inside, the Gin Gallery expect extravagantly presented unconventional yet delectable craft cocktails created with interesting flavour profiles in mind.

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