A Groom’s Style Checklist This Hitch Season

Contrary to popular belief, the wedding day is not all about the bride. The day and all its little details are just as important to the groom. Since weddings are not an everyday event, what better opportunity for a groom to dress to the nines than his wedding day?

Wedding days are one of those rare occasions where you can’t afford to have anything go wrong. When it comes to the big day, most of the pressure tends to fall on the bride. From choosing the perfect gown to planning the décor. But grooms are at equal pressure to look their best on a day that will be forever be documented by the film crew.

As wedding bells begin to ring for the wedding season, we’ve put together a list of five must-have essentials to help prepare the man of the moment to make sure the day goes off without a glitch.

Lip Balm

Chapped lips are a major no-no, anywhere – especially wedding photos. With all the nerves of waiting for your lady to walk in, a good lip balm will ensure that your lips are smooth and hydrated for that big moment. Look out for ingredients such as petrolatum and cocoa butter these act as great moisturisers.


This one probably doesn’t need explanation. Weddings can make even the toughest guy nervous and sweaty, and you’re going to want your bride nice and close, so get the best cologne for your big day to ensure that you leave heads turning for the right reasons.

Statement piece

A quality tailored suit is something every man wears with pride. Pair the right accessories and statement pieces to your look and you will stand out from the crowd.  The options are limitless from bright coloured socks and bowties to a limited edition timepiece it’s the little things that will let everyone know that you’re the man of the moment.

A fresh face

The beard is all the rage at the moment, so don’t immediately opt for the clean-shaven look. A good trim and a haircut leading up to wedding day will help you save time, leaving you to only maintain your fade. Whatever your beard needs, invest in a high quality trimmer like the Philips Multigroom series 3000 3-in-1 Beard & Detail trimmerThis will help neaten things up and give character to your look. Add some beard oil to give a soft and smooth touch – extremely necessary for your lady during those cozy moments.

The rings

Technically the rings are your best man’s responsibility, but let’s be real, if they get lost it falls on you. In the case of your best man still hungover from the night before, you may not even want him hanging onto the rings until absolutely necessary.

Even after months of planning, the wedding day goes by so quickly so don’t let the little things get in the way. Enjoy it while creating memories that will last forever.

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