67 Cushions For International Mandela Day

Thabo Makhetha is an African luxury fashion brand, whose designs are inspired by the Basotho blanket and culture, resulting in the creation of warm trendy winter coats and capes. Thabo’s authentic designs are proof that she is a force be reckoned with in the global fashion industry.

Every year the Mandela Foundation calls on individuals/ organizations to lend a helping hand to their communities by giving 67 minutes of their day to assist a need. Nelson Mandela’s birthday is on 18 July, and the call is out for people everywhere to celebrate his birthday by acting on the idea that each person has the power to change the world.

As a mother to a two-year-old boy, Thabo Makhetha was recently challenged with a very traumatic ordeal of having to rush her son to the hospital, while he was suddenly attacked by a series of fits. Luckily, she made it in time to the hospital and her son was stabilized.

For many other mothers who live in the rural areas and impoverished backgrounds, who don’t have medical facilities or education this ordeal could have been fatal. Therefore, Thabo Makhetha saw that it is imperative that she lends her support to the Health Promotion Lesotho Trust, under the Mother and Child First campaign. This campaign is “designed to encompass all the education programs relating to a mother from the stage of conception through to birth, and the early years of the child’s life”, to have prevention measures in place, should a medical emergency occur.

We, as Thabo Makhetha would like to turn that 67 Minutes into 67 Cushions, with the hopes of raising minimum R30 000 to raise funds for our selected NGO, Health Promoters at the Maluti Adventist College in Lesotho. These funds will assist in the training of the Health Promoters.

In the times of sustainable fashion and going green, we would be creating these cushions from the offcuts of our renowned Kobo EaBohali Capes and Coats.


The pricing of the cushions will be set in three categories:

Regular size: 50cm by 50cm x 50 units

Single unit price: R500

Jumbo Size: 60cm x 60cm

Single unit price: R700

Avante Garde:

Only 10 of these cushions will be made available. These will be personally made by me as art pieces, “signed” with embroidery and ideally, we would like to auction them off to get the highest value possible for this fund-raising campaign.

Please refer to inspiration for the Advante Garde Cushions below. Bidding to start at R 1200 (considering we sell our scarfs at R550 and short cape at R1600 and this is a custom special piece for a good cause I think this is reasonable.)

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