5 Reasons Your Old Iron Is Due For An Upgrade This New Year

Like all good things that come to an end, your favourite home appliances may be coming to the end of their life too. There are upgrades you can easily neglect, but there are those items you can’t hold on to for dear life.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the chance for a fresh start. As you get back into your rhythm, your style shouldn’t be far behind either. Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s nothing more frustrating than an iron that keeps letting you down.

We’re all familiar with the scenario. The iron that suddenly fails to heat up as you’re about to press your shirt before an important occasion. Or the iron that consistently burns, stains or wets your garments. With so many clever irons on the market, isn’t it time for a change? Here are a few signs that your old iron is due for an upgrade:

1. Damaged iron cord

A damaged iron cord, particularly one where the wires are visible can be extremely dangerous, with the potential to cause an electrical shock or worse.  It goes without saying, if the electrical cord of your iron is damaged, particularly if the wires are exposed, you’re in the market for a new iron, today!


2. Overheating iron

An iron that rapidly overheats often results in scorched or damage clothes. Not being able to control the temperature of your iron is frustrating and can turn into a costly exercise when you must replace your favourite silk blouse or child’s new school uniform.

Irons like the PerfectCare Steam iron include the latest in heat technology, delivering the perfect combination of heat and steam. While being tough on the most difficult creases, this clever feature speeds up the ironing process and guarantees no unsightly burn or shine marks.


3. Complicated settings

Do you ever look down at your iron in complete confusion, because of the vast settings? Like many of us, you’re probably inclined to select the ‘auto’ option in fear that any other choice will end in some form of ironing malfunction.

The good news is that some irons don’t have lots of complicated settings. In fact, the PerfectCare Steam iron doesn’t require any form of adjustment at all. This iron includes OptimalTemp technology allowing you to iron all ironable fabrics, from jeans to silk, cashmere to linen, safely in one go, in any order without having to wait or to adjust the iron’s temperature dial. So, there’s no more pre-sorting the laundry, or waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down. You’re ready for any fabric, anytime.

4. Did I leave the iron on?

We all know that feeling. You’re in your car, running late for work then, boom! The moment of dread arrives. “Did I leave the iron on?” While you contemplate spending an evening waiting for the emergency services to call or decide to head back home to check for yourself, you’ve probably completely stressed yourself out and wasted a huge amount of time.

Clever steam irons help eliminate this concern altogether by switching off automatically when left unattended. Whether positioned upright on its heel rest or left resting on the soleplate, these irons will take 2 to 3 minutes before shutting off. A potential property and life saver, this new feature is simply a must have.

5. Scratched soleplates

Does the bottom of your iron look more like a piece of burnt scratchy toast rather than a sleek smooth soleplate? This is a common complaint, particularly with older models of irons and can result in your iron sticking, marking and pulling your garments.

To avoid an unpleasant ironing experience, it might be worth investigating irons with the latest scratch resistant technology. The more premium soleplates aim to deliver a seamless glide and excellent results. Our exclusive SteamGlide Plus soleplate – with its advanced titanium layer and 6-layer coating – delivers ultimate gliding performance over any fabric. Non-stick, scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean.

The new year is going to bring many fashion trends, but scorch and burn are definitely not one of them, so upgrade your iron today.

Philips, love your clothes.

The PerfectCare Steam Iron (GC3920/20) is available from Hirsch’s, Makro, Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarkets, Takealot, Yuppiechef, selected Independent stores and online outlets at a recommended retail price of R1, 299.

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