16th Annual Kwanzaa Celebration Theme: Preparing For Afrika’s Future Today

Ebukhosini Solutions in collaboration with Constitution Hill and community partners will host the Opening Ceremony for the annual Kwanzaa Celebrations at Constitution Hill on Tuesday 26 December 2017.

The day will be celebrated with a fully packed, exciting programme including music, poetry, short speeches, as well as separate programmes for children and youth. There will also be an Afrikan market and a variety of foods on sale.

In its 16th year, the week-long Kwanzaa Celebrations will take place under the theme “Preparing for Afrika’s Future today”. The theme is a call to all Afrikans to decide on the future we want for Afrika and work collectively to get there; with urgency.



On 26 December, Ebukhosini Solutions will coordinate the Opening Ceremony for the 16th Celebration of Kwanzaa in Johannesburg by highlighting the first principle of Kwanzaa, “Umoja” which means unity. Young and old members of the Afrikan community are invited to celebrate Afrika’s diversity and pride.

The Opening Ceremony is an eclectic presentation of cultural ceremonies, thanksgiving, appreciation, motivational words and creative messages.

The event is coordinated and presented by and for members of the community to highlight the fact that we have great people in our midst who we want to honour and who can serve as an inspiration for us all. In addition to the main programme, there will be a separate educational programme for children and youth, with exciting and interactive activities focusing on Afrikan history and culture. Also the market will offer Afrikan crafts, books and clothes, and a variety of foods that will be on sale.



Venue: The Old Fort at Constitution Hill

Address: 11 Kotze Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Time: 12 (noon)

Entrance: Free.


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Facebook: Kwanzaa South Africa

Instagram: kwanzaa_sa

Website: www.ebukhosinisolutions.co.za




KWANZAA is a Pan-Afrikan celebration, based on the many indigenous harvest festivals observed throughout the continent since ancient times; ex. Umkhosi among the Zulu, Incwala among the Swazi, Incwala among the Thonga, Odwira among the Ashanti, Eje among the Yoruba etc.


In observing the 16th Annual Kwanzaa Celebration in Johannesburg, Ebukhosini Solutions acknowledges the enduring spirit of Afrikan people and their courage to be fearless in their solution-orientation and action.




This year’s theme – PREPARING FOR AFRIKA’s FUTURE TODAY – is an invitation to all Afrikan people to take up practical responsibilities for Afrika’s transformation, decolonization and liberation process.


The celebration of Kwanzaa provides a platform upon which Afrikans can unite despite the many differences we have allowed to separate us. Pitsi Ragophala, Ebukhosini Solutions’ Programme Coordinator comments:


“First of all, we need to know what kind of future we want for Afrika. If it is a future of great knowledge, visionary leadership, thriving economies, cultural pride and social justice, we need to then, strategically, ensure we are building towards that goal. To prepare for Afrika’s future means to equip the young generation with awareness, skills and inspiration to resolve the continent’s challenges – on our own terms, not by depending on foreign powers. And it means to create support-systems, where the experienced can lead the novice.”

Mbali Kgame, member of the Kwanzaa Program committee adds the following about this year’s theme: “This call is for all Afrikans to mobilize, engage, develop and unapologetically create building blocks towards the greater vision of an emancipated and self-sustained Afrikan future. An Afrikan continent that works on our terms. For our benefit. And in respect of our legacies.”


While by some perceived as a ‘foreign’ or ‘American’ celebration, Kwanzaa has its roots firmly established in indigenous festivals of the First Fruits celebrated around the Afrikan continent. It also has particular relevance to Southern Afrikan ceremonies. Tebogo Buntu, Executive Director of Ebukhosini Solutions further explains:
“Kwanzaa is directly linked to research on Southern Afrikan traditional ceremonies. The format and content of festivals such as Umkhosi, Incwala, Dikgafela and Thevuola were carefully studied as an inspiration for Kwanzaa. So, more than being something “new”, Kwanzaa is a continuation of what Afrikans always have done: Celebrating our harvest and planning for our future”.

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