A new addition to the stable, the #LASquad is a team of micro-influencers who attend socials and events of brands they love and affiliate with and engage about it on social media. How it works is, brands can reach out to Le’Afrinique with event invites, in addition to a contributor and photographer covering the event, the brand can request for the social media team to “entourage” with and “make some more noise” on social media. The squad is strictly made up of micro-influencers as they are more likely to gain you real-life customers and authentic brand conversations.

It is known that once an account is over a certain size, fewer people bother to engage questioning the value of a multimillion army of fans. The ratio of likes and comments to followers peaks when an account has around 1,000 followers. Get more than 100,000 followers, and engagement starts to flatten out; users just aren’t as keen to interact with a popular influencers/celebrity as with someone they can relate to more closely. Though our influencers have far fewer followers, engaging them in the promotion of events/products can be more profitable. The trust and the close relationship they have with their audience is critical for purchasing decisions. Because they are personally invested in their crafts, micro influencers are trusted sources of recommendations
for followers.

For more info, email hello@leafrinique.co.za